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IngleseThe numbers


1981: first year the tree was erected
1000 m2: the surface area of the star
200: the lights that outline the star
260: the lights that outline the tree
270: the multi-colored lights that are situated inside the tree
8500 m: the total length of the electrical cable used for the wiring
650 m: the height of the tree
350 m: the width of the tree at its base
1350: the sockets and plugs used for connecting the electrical cable and the lights
40: the members of the committee
7: the members present in the Board of Directors
1900: the working hours necessary for erecting the tree
35: the Kw necessary for illuminating all of the lights.
68: the newspapers that up to today have written about the tree

Albero di Natale Città di Gubbio - Copyright 2006 - Tutti i diritti sono riservati by: Federico Venerucci