Gubbio is a fine small medieval town, situated in the region of Umbria, a region located in the center of Italy. It is at Gubbio that San Francis encountered and tamed the famous wolf.

Gubbio, positioned at a height of approximately 500 meters above sea level, is located at the base of Mount Ingino, a mountain which is about 900 meters high.

Since 1981, a group of volunteers from Gubbio foresee to the preparation of what is now known has the “Largest Christmas Tree of the World……”.

The Christmas Tree, positioned at the base of Mount Ingino, the natural background of the medieval town of Gubbio, is formed by various types of lights that create an absolutely particular and unique chromatic effect: more than 300 green colored lights outline the shape of a Christmas tree that is more than 650 meters high with the center filled with more than 400 multi-colored lights. At the top of the tree, a star is installed with a surface area of approximately 1000 mq and with more than 250 lights which outline its shape.

The Christmas Tree entered the Guinness Book of Records in the year 1991. It remains turned on during the entire Christmas period and is turned off after Epiphany.

Thousands come every year to Gubbio during the Christmas period to admire the tree.



The Numbers


1981: first year the tree was erected
1000 m2: the surface area of the star
250: the lights that outline the star
300: the lights that outline the tree
400: the multi-colored lights that are situated inside the tree
7.500 m: the total length of the electrical cable used for the wiring
750 m: the height of the tree
450 m: the width of the tree at its base
1.350: the sockets and plugs used for connecting the electrical cable and the lights
53: the members of the committee
7: the members present in the Board of Directors
2.100: the working hours necessary for erecting the tree
35: the Kw necessary for illuminating all of the lights.
98: the newspapers that up to today have written about the tree